Tilting at Windmills


ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition Tilting at Windmills explores the issues many people face arising from roaming technology, language difficulties, inadequate education or personality attributes.

Denise V. Brown is well known for using a variety of media to create artworks challenging aspects of modern society and frequently exploring themes of social exclusion and the concept of “other".

Tilting at Windmills presents a series of exquisitely crafted three-dimensional artworks, which explore the effects of communication difficulties for an individual in a society where information must be gathered and assimilated in overwhelming quantities.

The artworks invite the viewer to experience the frustration, isolation and long term trauma which may result from an inability to understand those around us, whether as a result of synaptic problems, as in dyslexia, or due to the language barriers encountered by those entering a culture other than their own.

Denise draws on her own experience, along with a deep empathy for all who find themselves adrift without language, to create a moving narrative significant and recognisable to a wide audience.

Viewers of artist Denise Brown's work consistently comment that it is exquisitely crafted. It is a precision wrought by her background in industrial design and a quality highly regarded by respected practitioners in visual art.

"Denise has been able to consistently construct and present material propositions which use the admirable skill she has honed in constructing functional structures, to develop a series of works which, in this era of blandly reassuring branding and Mondo Art, have what could be described as a level of stylistic anarchy/crossover that could and should be welcomed." said Stuart Elliot, a mentor of Denise Brown.

Check out a virtual tour of Tilting at Windmills at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah!


June 9 – July 9, 2017 Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah, Mandurah WA

April 4 – June 5, 2016 Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury WA

November 5, 2015 – January 31, 2016 Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie WA
July 3 – July 26, 2015 Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance WA
February 4 – March 8, 2015 Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, Wanneroo WA

August 9 – September 7, 2014 ArtGeo Cultural Complex, Busselton WA
June 18 – July 31, 2014 Katanning Gallery, Katanning WA
April 11 – May 10, 2014 Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, Geraldton WA


Denise V. Brown

sculpture installation

22 artworks - 20 sculptures, 2 x wall works (2 sculptures require power source)
Display plinths for artworks (provided)
50 - 75 square metres

Education resource (includes teachers notes, curriculum and ideas, glossary of terms, primary and secondary gallery questions)
Free education and public programs (includes public events, artist talks incursion and excursion with schools, discounted ARTBUS, sponsored by Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message)

Media on the Move Kit (includes e-invitation template, artwork for hard copy invitation, media release, promotional images, logos and acknowledgements)

Exhibition, ART ON THE MOVE and Healthway panels
Artwork labels
Exhibition brochures (free for distribution)


Condition reporting; Installation of 3D artworks; Exhibition lighting; Handling artworks

May 2015 - December 2017
Available WA and interstate

WA $2,200.00 (inc gst)
Interstate to be advised

8 crates, totalling 13.2 cubic metres; exhibition delivered by a dedicated vehicle (WA)

*Extra cost involved