"What is a teacher? ... it isn't someone who teaches something,
but someone who inspires the student to give their best in order to discover what they already know."

If you work in the arts, heritage and culture sector, ART ON THE MOVE and Museums and Galleries Australia WA combine their collective and extensive skills to offer a two day intensive professional development program.

The training explores curating, preparing, presenting and interpreting an exhibition be it artistic or historic.


Who is this for?
Arts, heritage and culture sector for educators, curators, archivists, historians, conservators, researchers, visual artists, gallery operators, lifelong learners, galleries and exhibition and volunteer staff.


Curating, interpreting and preparing an exhibition for local display, for touring and art handling.
Exhibition is taken to include any activity undertaken by a collecting institution designed to present an artefact or work and its attendant stories to an audience.


Developing interpretation/audience engagement plans for an exhibition
This module is designed to overview the various types and functions of interpretation to facilitate engagement and learning for an exhibition. Learn about exhibition display supports and explore ideas for appropriate engagement activities for an audience type.

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Fiona Gavino is an intercultural artist who makes sculpture and installation using basket making materials and techniques, she also collaborates with new media artists on specific or one off projects. With a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art from Charles Darwin University, Fiona has toured her work extensively – nationally, internationally and locally exhibiting at FORM, PICA, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and the National Museum. Fiona is also ART ON THE MOVE's Training Officer and has trained over 400 people over 4 years on all major topics relating to gallery and museum skills. She has worked as an Installation Technician for the MAGNT (Museum and Art Gallery of the NT), PICA, AGWA and LWAG. Fiona also was the Relocation Manager for the Berndt Museum responsible for overseeing the packing, tracking, and relocation of one of Australia's most significant collections.

Robert Mitchell is the Executive Officer of Museums Galleries Australia WA and Curator of the Army Museum of Western Australia. Robert is a 25 year volunteer with the National Trust of Western Australia and is currently Vice President. After graduating with an Honours degree in History from the Royal Military College of Canada he undertook further degrees or studies at King's College London, London School of Economics, Concordia University and James Cook University. Robert has been a member of Museums Galleries Australia and its predecessor organisations since 1990. In 2012, he received the Heritage Council award for outstanding contributions as a volunteer. Robert brings his extensive theoretical and practical experience in museum exhibitions and programs in small to medium sized collecting institutions to the program.


Contact ART ON THE MOVE Training Officer Fiona Gavino for more information on (08) 9249 3479 or email training@artonthemove.com.au.

Check out a sneak preview of the program with our training videos:

Art Handling