Steel is used for making a wide range of consumer as well as industrial products. While well established businesses in Brisbane have already found reliable suppliers, newer businesses or businesses which are using steel for the first time will have to spend some time to find a reliable supplier. If the quantity of steel required is less, it is not advisable to waste more time doing research. However, if large quantities of steel are required, finding the right supplier can save a large amount of money, and also make a significant difference in quality. Some tips on how to find the best steel supplies brisbane are discussed below.


Before searching for a steel supplier, the buyer should finalize the grades of steel required. There are different types of steel like stainless steel, mild steel which vary in their chemical composition, prices, physical and chemical properties. For stainless steel, there are again different categories. Depending on the application where the steel is being used, the right steel grade should be selected. Many of the steel suppliers in brisbane are only specializing in specific grades of steel, since they have found reliable suppliers and manufacturers for the steel or it is more lucrative for them.


Another factor which should be considered while searching for a steel supplier, is the form of steel required. For fabrication steel sheets of specific thickness are required, while in construction projects, steel rods, or rebars will be used. Many of the steel suppliers are only specializing in steel sheets or rods depending on the demand for these products. So after the type and quantity of steel required is finalized, it is advisable to search for suppliers of the steel type which is required by the business or buyer. A few of the steel buyers want …

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Chandeliers Australia is the most popular and versatile light fixture that you can add in your home for creating a statement as it can easily become a focal point for your living space. It is an excellent way of adding tone and character to your home and it also makes a positive impression on the mind of your guests. Therefore, it is important that you select a chandelier carefully from among a large number of varieties that is available for residential properties. Hence, you will need to find out how to pick a chandelier for your house so that you can select the best option from among modern, transitional and contemporary styles of chandelier. Additionally, you will also need to consider the different factors that are needed for selecting the perfect chandelier for your home so that you will get an ideal option.

Chandeliers are the most beautiful lighting fixtures that can add perfect finishing touch to your home but for this you will need to select something that is more beautiful, appropriate and visually appealing. Hence, you will need to look for artistic intent at the time of selecting a chandelier so that it will leave your guest mesmerized with the beauty of the lighting. The best option is to pick the right diameter of the chandelier which is calculated by keeping in mind the length and width of the room. Choosing the right size of the chandelier is extremely important so that it does not appear too small or too large for your living space. You should pay attention to the design element and make sure that the chandelier is in exact proportion of the room for getting an amazing look to your living room. Additionally, you need to keep in mind the material of the chandelier so …

Telling Our Stories

April 20, 2021

ART ON THE MOVE and Museums Galleries Australia WA combine to bring you a two day professional development program…

“What is a teacher? … it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give their best in order to discover what they already know.”

If you work in the arts, heritage and culture sector, ART ON THE MOVE and Museums Galleries Australia WA are combining their collective and extensive skills to offer a two day intensive professional development program.

The training will explore curating, preparing, presenting and interpreting an exhibition be it artistic or historic.

Find out more about the program here and book in today!…


April 20, 2021

An action-research project, 2020 Vision is a partnership between Art Gallery of Western Australia and ART ON THE MOVE. The aim is to explore opportunities for a collaborative touring programme in 2020 and beyond.

The first stage of 2020 Vision is to meet with key stakeholder groups at regional venues to identify critical issues around increasing impact, and to scope the potential for venue improvements leading to increase touring capacity.

Touring to regional venues…

Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, Mandurah October 30, 9.30am – 11.30am
Bunbury Regional Art Galleries , Bunbury October 30, 2pm – 3.45pm
Collie Art Gallery, Collie October 31, 1pm – 2.45pm
Katanning Gallery, Katanning November 1, 10.15am – 11.45am
Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany November 1, 3.15pm – 4.45pm
Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance November 2, 1.30pm – 2.15pm
Goldfield Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie November 3, 12pm – 2pm

Tours to other regions will take place in 2018.

The goal by 2020…

  • Stimulating art ‘on the move’ attracting wider and larger audiences;
  • Increased exhibition activity and touring;
  • Increased visibility and access to the AGWA collection in the regions;
  • Improved capabilities of regional venues;
  • A linked network with stronger marketing leverage for ‘placemaking’ and tourism goals;
  • A more sustainable future for the regional visual arts, through developed venues
  • Value adding by way of Art Gallery of WA and ART ON THE MOVE providing access to education, curatorial and registration skills;
  • Provide training in appropriate artwork handling skills as well as conservation requirements.

For more about ART ON THE MOVE visit the website, Like the Facebook Page or follow on Instagram.

For more about Art Gallery of Western Australia visit the website, Like the Facebook Page or follow on Instagram.…