What is perfect brow makeup?

May 15, 2021

Brow makeup is more important than you might think it to be. It can be of different styles like feathery, well-defined or full arched. No matter what style you prefer, there is the perfect brow makeup product for you to cater for your needs.


Some products help to make your brows look more full while others help to create a hair-like stroke. You might just want to fill in the sparseness and hence you need to carefully pick the right brush for you.


Brow Pencils :


The brow pencil is a very useful tool and a must-have for easy and quick eyebrows. There are various kinds of Brow pencils too like the classic one which needs to be sharpened with a retractable one too. They come in multiple sizes, pigmentation levels and shapes to cater to all types of brow desires.


Pencils that have a skinny point are the best for properly defining your brows and drawing little strokes to fill inside of them. They can also be used to define a proper outline for the shape of your brow.


Brow Gels :


If your brows refuse to stay where they are and are truly unruly? then you should use a brow gel and get rid of such unruly brows. Some brow Gels also contain fibres that give you much better and fuller-looking brows


You can also use tinted brow Gels as they are an easy way to alter the shade of your brows and even cover all the grey hairs. It also keeps all the brows in their place and very useful for when you have got hair that is a different colour and want everything to look cohesive


Use Natural Powders :


If you are looking for not so defined but fuller brows, then you should go for natural powders. You should use a brow powder with a slightly angled brush and it will fill in all sparseness. If your own brow kit has any lighter or darker shades in it, then you should fill the your front brows with a light shade and then fill then the other side with a darker shade for an extra dimension to your makeup.


Even if you accidentally use too much of the powder, you can always just brush through the brows with a simple spoolie so that the extra powder becomes more blended and natural.


Always keep it waterproof:

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you might get caught in a sudden rain or a day at a pool, waterproof brows will be the exact thing that you require.


These pencils, gels and powders are often waterproof and you should always go for such products even if you do not intend to go to a pool or beach because these products are always long-wearing and will stay alright even through the long days and will not be smudged easily.


Hence you should be equipped with the right tools for your brows and it can do wonders. Pencils and gel are sufficient by themselves but the powder requires an additional tool which is most often a double-ended brush with a spoolie in one end and a double-ended brush on the other. With this tool, you do not need to carry two but only a brush for all your needs.